Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Green Obsession

I tried to remember when was the last time I tried ice cream with green tea flavor. Is it Baskin Robbins (which is yuck by the way)? The J. Co green tea ice blended? Or Haagen Dazs? Or the one in Goota Restaurant? I don't know. I completely forget about it. All I know, ever since that day, every time I pass ice cream parlor, the 1st question is always, "Is there green tea ice cream?" Many of them says no, of course. In a small city like Malang, I can't hope that much. No harm done, because chocolate is never goes out of style.

If I can't buy one, then I have to make one. But there still one problem tho. The main ingredient; green tea powder, also not available in Malang. It started to get not funny. And finally, with my last vacation in Jakarta, where I can find (almost) everything I want for baking and cooking, I finally find that ridiculously expensive green powder.

Unlike any other ice cream I usually made, this time I decided to make custard-base. Just to try how it will turn out to be. At first the egg yolks is quite frightening me, because... heloow, it's egg yolk! But then again, it's not like I'm going to eat it raw and square. I got the original recipe from here, but I have to change the green tea measurement. Were I use the original recipe, that little bottle of green powder of mine will be empty right away.

Green Tea Ice Cream


  • 2 egg yolks
  • 6 tbsp sugar (use less if you want to make it a bit bitter)
  • 1 tbsp cornstarch
  • 2,5 tsp green tea powder
  • 250 ml milk
  • 200 ml heavy cream


  1. Dilute the green tea powder with 3-4 tbsp of hot water. Don't put too much water, or the green tea flavor will be less strong.
  2. Beat in egg yolks and sugar until it's pale, then add the cornstarch that has diluted in water.
  3. Heat milk a over medium heat just until bubbles appear around the edge (not a boil!). Remove from heat.
  4. Stir a third of the heated milk into the egg mixture, then pour it back together into the milk. This is tempering the egg mixture. Add the green tea liquid. Stir it back in medium heat until it's thick.
  5. Let it cool in fridge or put the bowl on top of ice blocks to cool it in much quicker way. After it's completely cool, mix in the heavy cream. Stir thoroughly.
  6. Pour the green batter directly into the ice cream maker.

I don't have that expensive ice cream maker machine, so I have to do more effort to make every ice cream I want.You know, the freeze and beat technique.

After the third beat, I pour the batter into a square pan. A little try to make the ice cream looks like ice cream cake.

I will never do this again. Scooping ice cream is much, much better than cutting it. Still taste yummy tho. It's just a matter of shape. So yummy I think I wanna make another batch. Oh! And a green tea cheese cake. That's definitely go into my agenda.

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